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Oldies but Goodies from more than 70 years ago !

All these ads are from Dutch, French and American Fishing Magazines from 1950 and 1951.
They're showing the stuff we were eagerly looking for when we were young
and are hopeless in search of now !

The Benora
The Swiss made "Benora" with folding handle
(De Nederlandsche Hengelsport 05/1951)

The Sap
A French made "Sap" with half bail arm
(De Nederlandsche Hengelsport 07/1950)

The Plucky
The outstanding French "Rublex" lure
(Lancer Léger 08/1950)

The Mitchell and the Cap reel
The second model Mitchell and the C.A.P.
(Lancer Léger 08/1950)

Third Mitchell model
The third Mitchell model
(Field & Stream 11/1951)

The Tamson
The first Dutch made "Tamson" reel
(De Nederlandsche Hengelsport 03/1950)

The Pelican 100
The famous Italian "Pelican 100"
(De Nederlandsche Hengelsport 10/1951)

Durandal Rods
"Durandal" rods made from Zicral
(Lancer Léger 01/1951)

The french made Duo
The awesome French made "Duo"
(Lancer Léger 01/1951)

The Thommen Record
The rear drag Swiss Thommen "Record"
(Field & Stream 11/1951)

With our expression of thanks to Willem Cupedo for the Dutch images !
The other images are from the Web Master's collection.