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USEFUL LINKS about tackle collecting... everyone may need someday !

First some really great Collectors' sites starting with the links to our fellow collector's clubs :

The N.F.L.C.C. (National Fishing Lure Collector's Club) was founded in 1976 and has now over 4000 members; they publish a quarterly "Gazette" plus 2 magazines a year.

Don't forget to pay a visit to the O.R.C.A. (Old Reel Collectors Association) site. This club founded in 1990 with over 900 members publishes the quarterly "Reel News" magazine. For the collectors of fixed spool reels there are also the OFSRSIGs (Open-Face Spinning Reel Special Interest Groups).

The F.A.T.C. (Florida Antique Tackle Collectors) has a web site dedicated to the preservation and information of all fishing tackle and related items.

The C.A.T.C. (Carolina Antique Tackle Collectors) was formed in 1991 by a small group of seven fishing tackle collectors from South Carolina. The Club has since then grown to over two hundred members representing fifteen states.

T.C.A. (stands for Tackle Collectors of Arkansas) was incorporated on February 15, 1999 by David Stalnaker who serves as Chairman/President and six other veteran tackle collectors who also serve on its board.

Canada also has a collectors club : the C.A.F.T.A. (Canadian Antique Fishing Tackle Association).

The Danish Fishing Tackle Collector's Club or "DGK" was established in 1986 and is probably the oldest collector's club in Europe. They have now 300 members mostly form Scandinavia but also from Germany, England and the U.S.A. Twice a year an auction sale is organised with 500+ lots per event and their bimonthly magazine "Loppefiskeren" is sent to all the members. You can contact the Chairman of this club by mailing to Heinz Gerhard.

Antipes (ASSOCIAZIONE COLLEZIONISTI ANTICHE ATTREZZATURE DA PESCA) is the Italian Tackle Collector's Club from Mignanego. They are specialized in Italian brands. Visit their website by clicking the image below.

Some sites of general interest :

Looking for a load of links on collecting lures and tackle? Try Joe Yates' WebLinks.

More about collecting old lures can be found at the AntiqueLures site. Early (pre-1960) antique fishing lures and lure boxes made by: Heddon, Shakespeare, Pflueger, South Bend, Creek Chub, as well as dozens of smaller pre-1940 companies. Michael Nichols made one of the best organised and instructive sites I've seen!

Don't forget to have a glimpse at the German collector's site of Wolfgang Kalweit : Altes Angelgerät. It contains a lot of information on the history of German and other reels.

A really GREAT site on collecting Mitchell reels is here : Mitchell Reel Collectors International.

Steve Vernon has a very interesting site on Antique Fishing Reels.

Fond of ABU reels ? Fan of ABU or just an ABU-fanatic ? Discover the huge web site of Wayne Real : ! Wayne lives "down under" in Australia, but is just a mouse-click away...

Jean-Marie Van Den Eynde, shows his collection on his website.

Do you know other fine or interesting sites ? Please let us know. We'll be proud to list them here !

I just couldn't resist to add some "Successful Hunting Sites" underneath :

Paul Morgan has a beautiful site on books related to our hobby; the name of his virtual -and real- shop is Coch-y-Bonddu Books. You'll find a lot of books in mint or fine condition. Contact him for his offer on used books !

A.M. Rapach-Angling Books offers a choice of Rare, Collectible, and Used Fishing Books.

Books about Collecting can also be found on Joe Yates' site. is designed with the antique fishing lure collector in mind. You will find color charts and other useful information on Arbogast, Creek Chub, Heddon, Paw Paw, Pflueger, Shakespeare, and South Bend lures. There are over 1,000 images and 40 web pages on this website.

Thomas Turner offers a large variety of old and antique tackle.

Strathmore Vintage Fishing Tackle specialises in antique and vintage fishing reels, rods, flies and fishing accessories.

Ireland's Antique Fishing Tackle is based in Ulster (Northern Ireland).

The webshop of Reel Antique Angling from Scarborough (UK) is stuffed with fine collectable tackle.

Looking for fine antique and vintage carp fishing tackle ? Try the Vintage Carp Fishing Tackle Company.

Angling Artifacts from Los Angeles (USA) offers really everything to complete your collection.

Vintage Fly Tackle can be found in this webshop.

Try also Antiqbook when you're looking for rare books on angling.

Sandra & Keith Armishaw from River Reads are specialised in books and vintage tackle.

With a heartfelt thank you to Kurt Cannoot for sharing some valuable links with us !

Let's go to some nice auction sites :

Don't forget to visit the site of the famous British auctioneer Neil Freeman. Have a look at his online catalogue ! You can also trace the results of his former auctions...

Stefan Duma owns the website the Antique Tackle Observer.

Try Mullock's for their auction catalogues and auction calendar. New is the Online Fishing Sale !

But France also has something to offer : try Olivier Coutau-Begarie from "DROUOT" to see when their upcoming auction of fishing tackle and related items will be held in Paris.

Germany has something to offer too : visit Udo Hildebrandt's site !

I believe eBay is already well known by each and every beginning or expert collector. Try following links : Sporting Goods > Fishing or Collectibles > Fishing and make your choice by clicking on the items you're interested in. Don't forget you also can sell your doubles : it's a perfect way to finance your always expanding collection…

No more money to spend ?

Perhaps it's time to read first a lot of valuable information on collecting antique tackle...
Did you try Classic Angling ?