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Our club magazine "De Vissende Verzamelaar" in available online !

It took some time, but here's your webmaster's extra present : all magazines are available including both first issues (thanks to M. Flipse !). The images figuring in the first 18 magazines are missing: sorry about that !
Missing numbers were just one-page newsletters...

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Clubblad 1.pdf

Clubblad 2.pdf

Clubblad 3.pdf

Clubblad 4.pdf

Clubblad 5.pdf

Clubblad 6.pdf

Clubblad 7.pdf

Clubblad 8.pdf

Clubblad 9.pdf

Clubblad 10.pdf

Clubblad 11.pdf

Clubblad 12.pdf

Clubblad 13.pdf

Clubblad 14.pdf

Clubblad 15.pdf

Clubblad 16.pdf

Clubblad 17.pdf

Clubblad 18.pdf

Clubblad 19.pdf

Clubblad 20.pdf

Clubblad 21.pdf

Clubblad 22.pdf

Clubblad 23.pdf

Clubblad 24.pdf

Clubblad 25.pdf

Clubblad 27.pdf

Clubblad 29.pdf

Clubblad 31.pdf

Clubblad 33.pdf

Clubblad 35.pdf

Clubblad 37.pdf

Clubblad 38.pdf

Clubblad 39.pdf

Clubblad 40.pdf

Clubblad 41.pdf

Clubblad 43.pdf

Clubblad 44.pdf

Clubblad 45.pdf

Clubblad 47.pdf

You need "Acrobat Reader" -made by Adobe- to open it, but this program is already on most PCs now. Still need it ? No problem: try this link to download it :

It's FREE, easy to use and not harmful at all !